Thursday, January 9, 2020

Theatre 112 Quizes - 3023 Words

Theatre 112 quizzes Assessment 1: Librettist ïÆ'   in charge of writing the dialogue of a musical Choreographer ïÆ'   creates and teaches dances Adelaid’s Lament ïÆ'   guys and dolls Director ïÆ'   control of artistic vision Score ïÆ'   collection of songs Libretto ïÆ'   total collection of lyrics and dialogue Composer ïÆ'   in charge of creating melodies Lyricist ïÆ'   in charge of writing words to songs Producer ïÆ'   in charge of monetary aspects Im an ordinary man ïÆ'   song in My fair lad Assessment 2: 1. despite their rigid natures, Gilbert and Sullivan often put songs from other composer – FALSE 2. Florentine Camerata was a group for helping create opera – TRUE 3. At the end of HMS Pinafore Ralph marries buttercup – False; Josephine 4. Belt –†¦show more content†¦Helen morgan- famous singer that was in show moat 48. Ethel merman – known for her big loud belt voice 49. Adele Astaire – danced with her brother, fred 50. Fanny brice- female comic in the Ziegfeld follies 51. Marilyn miller – famous dancer star of the 1920s, stars in sunny and sally 52. Musical sin order starting with earliest: the black crook, HMS pinafore, no no Nanette, show boat, and Oklahoma 53. Roger and Hammerstein shows from earliest to latest: Oklahoma, carousel, south pacific, the king and I, and the sound of music 54. Ir Gershwin – lyricist responsible for of thee I sing 55. Anges demille – cheographer known for integrating acating and subtext into the dances of Oklahoma 56. Irving berlin – composer known for the uodilbet 57. Hassord short – director of many successful revues 58. Cole porter- composer of naughty lyrics seen in anything does and songs like â€Å"lets do it† 59. Vincy youmens – composer best known for his work in no no Nanette 60. Jerome jern – composer best known for his work on the princess shows 61. Bert Williams – black performer who had to use blackface to be accepted 62. Geroge Gershwin – composer responsible for porgy and bees 63. Flo Ziegfeld – producer of successful follies show Assessment 6: 1. This character in Guys and Dolls is trying to find a place for the oldest established permanent floating crap game in new york: Nathan Detroit 2. This musical told story of feuding couple trying to put on

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