Monday, February 3, 2020

Same sex marraige should be legalized Research Paper - 1

Same sex marraige should be legalized - Research Paper Example egalized on the grounds that they are socially acceptable, certain states have started accepting this kind of marriage, this kind of marriage results in the wellbeing of the society and those who are against same sex marriage are conducting an act of discrimination. Deniability of same sex marriage is against religion even though religious groups state that such marriages are equal to conducting a sinful act. According to the 1st Amendment, an individual’s religious views should be protected by the state. Marriages are divided between religious and civil marriages and if rules and regulations are made against marriage on the basis of religion, then the policy makers are working against the fact that marriages are a worldly act. Marriages of any kind result in several benefits for the involved couples, marriages have an impact on filing of taxes, property ownership, benefits of insurance and law of agency. Marriages have a positive impact on several decisions, for example: if one of the couples involved in a gay relationship end up getting sick and is hospitalized, the other couple will only be allowed to meet him/her if same sex marriage is legalized. This is because without the legalization of same sex marriage, the couples ill not be a llowed to meet and will result in emotional sufferings for the couples. The law requires that medical decisions regarding an individual can be made by her marriage partner and not by those individuals with whom the patient shares an intimate relationship without marriage. If same sex marriages are not legalized, gay couples may only be recognized as individuals who are sharing an intimate relationship and may not be able to take decisions on each other’s behalf. Same sex relationship has gained acceptance within the society and it is backed by biological evidence. These relationships have been in existence since the Greek and the Roman period, the very term lesbian is not a new term, it was developed by the Greeks. Greeks had a

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