Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 24

Management - Essay Example Such demonstration has been in expression as a shift from transactional to strategic leadership. Good leaders have a vision. This is an aspiration as visualized in the leader’s overall plans seeking to create measurable changes in the organization. As revealed by Price (2008), leaders who have a vision are demonstrated to be more successful at guiding their followers to achieving their goals with an example of Richard Branson at the helm of Virgin Airlines, and the late Steve Jobs of Apple Inc. The ability is hinged upon the leader’s ability to constantly compare the group’s development and his vision. This activity reduces deviation from success and diminishes the chances of failure. Primarily, they care for other people’s wellbeing, appreciating that anything done by his followers’ leaves a facelift mark. Therefore, his role is to dig out the best of the ability from the followers, ensuring that each member is successful. He does not have even an ounce of jealously from the success of his counterparts, but goes a step further to support them . Good leaders are also passionate. This means they are driven to do whatever they are engaged in and achieve the highest levels of success. A passionate leader concentrates most of his energies and attention to all the processes that will guarantee the organization, or group to achieves its set objectives. With such leaders, the chances of success for a set project are elevated since they also identify points of redundancy and deviation and root them out. In addition, such leaders are able to ensure sustained positive results once success is achieved. A good example of a passionate leader whose concentrated energy has led to achievement of success is Microsoft founder and head, Bill Gates. Furthermore, they are great team builders. This trait is essential in managing the union of talent, objectives, and resources –which is essentially, what leaders oversee. The ability to oversee a group of people,

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