Saturday, November 2, 2019

The Advantages of Homlessness Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Advantages of Homlessness - Essay Example The freedom that a homeless person would have from these bills would be unimaginable to some. There would be a great deal of financial freedom if one were homeless, but one would need to consider as well where they could find shelter in the event of bad weather conditions. I would not choose to be homeless due to this reason. One would replace the worry of constant bill paying with the worry of finding safe and adequate shelter, sometimes on short notice. In addition, if one has children, being homeless is simply not a viable option. Children require stability and protection. The choice to be homeless would need to be made by adults with no children involved. I feel that personally, I would not be comfortable with the uncertainty of homelessness, the not being able to call the place my own. I would prefer to be a slave to work as it is then a slave to freedom. Freedom comes a price. If I had the power, however, to make and execute a social policy which would bring equality between classes, I would develop a policy that ensured essentially equal provisions for all. I would first implement a system that provided socialized health care for each and every individual who needed it. It would also provide for housing to any person or persons who needed or wanted to house. There would be no such thing as forced homelessness. If individuals chose to be homeless, there would be shelters established simply for their need for temporary shelter.   No one would be turned away at any time unless they were not following rules or laws. The rules would be simply to respect others at all times and no illegal activities.

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